Medical Crew

The number of the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE is listed – among other places – on all course maps and the rear of the start number which competitors are issued by the the race organizers upon registration. If, for whatever reason, the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE was not to answer your call, racers are advised to dial – without undue delay – the general emergency number (EMERGENCY CALL NUMBER Europe wide: 112).



  • Stay calm
  • Call the MEDICAL DISTRESS-HOTLINE: +49 151 550 101 48 (must be saved to your mobile phone)! If this number was unavailable, dial the official emergency number for rescue services of the country you’re in. In this case, you person placing the call would be the contact for further consultation unless the information needed to be relayed to the race organizers and or MEDICAL CREW.
  • Provide detailed information on your location, your start number and your phone contact
  • Do not leave your location unless you’re in imminent danger. If you need to do so, inform MEDICAL CREW or the rescue services you summoned
  • If unable to make an emergency call yourself, please inform other runners so they can either call for you or recruit help from nearby trail monitors or other race personnel.
  • After the circumstances and gravity of your injury have been clarified by the rescue operations dispatcher, appropriate help and level of care will be summoned.
  • Arrangements may differ from the aforementioned protocol in cases of relatively minor injuries

Emergency call numbers

MEDICAL DISTRESS HOTLINE: +49 151 550 101 48



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