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Family & Friends Stubai Ultratrail 2019



Come along and cheer on your athlete during his / her special day!

Our Family & Friends Package is made for you as a fan. You become an important part of the event while creating the inspiring atmosphere and enjoying all the highlights together with your athlete. Kick-off that great event with a pasta party and enjoy the euphoric atmosphere. Travel to the different spectator hotspots and take some refreshments at the food stations. Your goodie-bag provides the fan material needed to cheer strongly for the runners and motivate them for the remaining kilometres (Fan bell, supporter poster, head band and even more). Last but definitely not least, welcome your athlete at the finish on top of Stubai Glacier with the included cabelcar ticket!

Family & Friends Package

  • Ticket cabelcar to the Stubai Glacier with a value of 27,70 €
  • T-Shirt
  • Pasta Party
  • F&F Basic (Fan bell, fan poster, head band, Goodie Bag)
  • Snack (Manner | Seeberger | Clif Bar | Partner gift)
  • Snacks at food station
  • Add-On karabiner
  • Little Stubai flag
  • Glow stick

60 €

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