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Weather conditions can change quickly in the high mountains. Therefore, all competitors must wear or carry in their running backpack the following clothing and equipment. We will carry out mandatory checks on the start line and at the control points. Competitors who do not have all of the items listed below may be subject to time penalties or disqualification.

  • Closed trailrunning shoes with plenty of grip on the sole.
  • Running backpack.
  • Waterproof rain jacket.
  • Warm clothing (top and trousers / running tights) as an insulating layer between the outer clothing and the skin.
    No skin should be visible when wearing these layers!
  • Gloves and woolly hat.
  • Working headlamp with spare batteries. (not required for STUBAI 35K, 19K and STUBAI 8K)
  • Food supplies with your name and race number written on every single item of food packaging.
  • Cup to take drinks at the refreshment stations.
  • Water container with a volume of at least 1.5 litres. (1 litre for the STUBAI 35K, 19K and no water containter for STUBAI 8K)
  • Emergency kit (1x compress 10x10cm, 2x bandages, 2x gloves, 1x triangular bandage, 4x plasters, emergency whistle, blister plasters, survival blanket).
  • Navigation watch loaded with the GPS track of the course you are running or, alternatively, a printed routemap or map stored on a mobile device.
  • Mobile telephone with emergency telephone number saved into the phone in order to make emergency calls and inform the race organisers if you have to pull out of the race before reaching the finish (mobile phone must work abroad).

Don’t forget to also bring sun cream, oil-based skin cream to combat chafing, a pair of sunglasses, poles and plenty to eat and drink.

In general the use of walking sticks is regulated in this mode: Participants who start with sticks have to use the sticks until the finish. Contrary participants who start without sticks are not allowed to pick up sticks during the race.