The STUBAI K31 offers runners the unique opportunity to run from Neustift to the Stubai Glacier at 2,960 metres above sea level within one day - from the valley to the eternal ice. At 31 kilometres, the trail first runs along the valley floor to Volderau and from there uphill to the Bacherwandalm (1,620 m). The course continues along beautiful trails to the Falbesoner Nockalm (1,663 m) and towards the Bänkenalm (1,860 m). Shortly before the Bänkenalm runners descend into the valley, where the WildeWasserWeg is the next scenic highlight. At the end of the route, the spectacular final ascent over snow and ice to the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m) at the Stubai Glacier awaits the participants. 2,630 metres in ascent and 720 metres in descent have to be mastered in this race.

Time Limits Stubai K31

Checkpoints Ascent (m) Descent (m) Distance (km) Time limit
Start: Neustift town square (994 m)       09:00 am (Start)
V5: Neustift Freizeitzentrum (991 m) 10 5 0,50 09:40 am
V6: Volderauhof (1.130 m) 300 165 8,50 11:20 pm
V7: Falbesoner Nockalm (1.663 m) 930 245 13,50 13:00 pm
V8: Mutterberg - Talstation Stubaier Gletscher (1.746 m) 1.420 685 23,50 14:50 pm
V9: Dresdner Hütte (2.306 m) 1.970 685 27,00 16:30 pm
Finish: Eisgrat Bergstation (2.960 m) 2.630 720 31,00 19:00 pm


From the start at Neustifter Dorfplatz, the first section of the route leads about 9 kilometres on leisurely ascending trails to Volderau to the first refreshment station at Volderauhof. From there, runners will have to climb a steep 420 m to reach the Bacherwandalm (1,620 m). From this cabin the runners can expect grandiose trails that meander through the forest at an altitude of between 1,600 and 1,800 metres with views of the glacier fields at the end of the Stubai Valley. The route leads past the Falbesoner Nockalm (refreshment station) before descending into the valley floor shortly before the Bänkenalm. There the WildeWasserWeg, another highlight awaits trailrunners.


After a leisurely ascent of the route, the WildeWasserWeg, the next section of the route, begins. On a paved gravel path participants run along the stream, past thundering water masses, up to the Grawa waterfall, the widest waterfall of the Eastern Alps. Just one and a half kilometres further on, at the valley station in Mutterberg, the last stage begins, which is once again a tough one and demands all the remaining reserves of strength of the participants - the final ascent to the Stubai Glacier.


A final spurt in the kingdom of snow: for the last section the runners have to muster all their strength again. A winding path leads from the glacier cable car’s base station near Mutterberg at 1,746 metres above sea level, past the Dresdner Hütte over rock, snow and ice to the finish at the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m).


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