BIG Family Stubai summer programme 4+

Kräutermandl Kasimir

The herb man Kasimir lives high up on a Tyrolean farm with his wife Kathi.

Programme from 21.06. - 10.09.2021

(Free childcare if you live in a BIG Family partner home)

In matching age groups, children starting from 4 experience the best of nature and adventure in their holidays in the Stubaital on a daily basis.

MONDAY: One, two or three, will you join us on our day of activity?

Who dares climb the wobbly crate tower? And who can elicit a sweet from our sugar clown? Show us what you can do! In the afternoon, Rudi Rucksack has invited you to a challenge in the woods. And if you don’t know what to do, just shout: “One, two or three, wise Rudi come to me.

TUESDAY: Where is beekeeper Harald hiding?

Line bee knows. She’ll show you the way to to the beekeeper and their friends. Who will discover the queen? How far must a bee fly for a half a kilo of honey? We will answer all these questions at our Bee Quiz. So, pay attention to what beekeeper Harald tells you. In the afternoon, it’s all go! Which team will win at the marble run game?

WEDNESDAY: Kasimir the Herbal Hero

Kasimir the herb man is a real one-of-a-kind with his grey beard. He lives on the Doadleralm and knows all there is to know about herbs. How do I deal with a stinging nettle without it stinging me? How do I build a tricky herb tower? And who is courageous and tastes the magic green potion? Let’s go little adventurers, who going to rise to the challenge?

Families - Evening Programme (08.30 pm) at Lake Kampler See: Mystical hike by torchlight around the lake
We meet at Lake Kampler, where each child will have the opportunity to make their own lanterns. As soon as it gets dark, we walk to a particularly beautiful place. There, you’ll be captivated by a legend from the Stubai Valley and afterwards get to try your hand at fire-breathing.

THURSDAY: On a discovery tour in the Höhlebochwald

With the right entry card, there is much to explore in our Höhlebochwald. Using mirrors we make the invisible visible and transform insects into giant animals. We can also find out how long the beautiful trees have been in the Stubai valley. Are you curious? Then join us!

FRIDAY: From pony rides to the BIG Family creative workshops

Little Donner and the other ponies at Grubenhof look forward to seeing you. After we have brushed and groomed the ponies, it’s time to get the saddle on and get going! In the afternoon, we visit the BIG Family creative workshop, where we’ll make herb soap, herb salt and salt dough mobiles with flowers - a lovely souvenir for your home. For give an added boost, there are some delicious herbal chocolates to try. Mmmm, they taste good!

The weather's not playing along?

But we do, because we don't let rain take away the joy of playing. To not get wet in case of bad weather, the BIG Family supervisors have many great alternatives indoors: handicrafts and much more awaits you!


Day ticket for children who do NOT live in a BIG Family partner company: € 25,- excl. additional costs.

** Subject to changes


Kind bei Brunnen
Mädchen mit Schmetterling am Finger
Mädchen am Bach

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BIG Family Stubai Club

BIG Family Stubai Club

21.06.2021 - 10.09.2021
04.10.2021 - 29.10.2021
  • 7 nights with breakfast or half board or in a holiday apartment
  • Child care at the Big Family Stubai Summer Club - Packages for kids aged four and for teens from age ten, Monday to Friday
  • Shuttle from your accomodation to the Summer Club
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