Stage 4

Dresdner Hut – Sulzenau Hut

Ascent/Descent:     ⬆ 430 Hm    ⬇ 550 Hm
Time required: 3 Hours
Length: 5 km
Lowest point: 2,194 m
Highest point: 2,682 m

The fourth stage of our circular hike in Austria takes us from the Dresdner Hut to the Sulzenau Hut. Just under 900 metres of ascent / descent and 5 km await you in this stage of the route.  If the weather is good, it is worth taking a short trip to the ‘blaue Lacke’, one of the highlights of the Wild Water Way in the Stubai. The moraine lake receives its striking turquoise colour from the glacier water.

From the Dresdner Hut, head straight for the middle station of the Stubai glacier cableway. From there, you cross a bridge over the Fernaubach and then descend through scree fields to the Großer Trögler / Peiljoch fork. Experienced hikers with energy to spare may want to climb the Trögler (approx. 2 hours). The trail zigzags up to the summit followed by a one-hour descent to the Sulzenau Hut (secured by ropes). The climb is not advisable in wet weather or snow.

If you take the Peiljoch route, you will have to prepare for a steep descent (approx. 1.5 hours, well-secured by ropes). The descent winds down past the ice moraines of the Sulzenau Glacier and takes you to the Sulzenau Hut in approx. 1 hour.

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