Stage 2

Franz-Senn-Hut– Neue Regensburger Hut

Ascent/Descent:   ⬆  610 Hm ⬇  470 Hm
Time required: 4 hours
Length: 9 km
Lowest point: 2,103 m
Highest point: 2,706 m

Stage II of the hike from hut to hut on the Stubai High Trail comprises the section between the Franz Senn Hut and the Regensburger Hut. There is an ascent / descent of 1,150 m over a distance of approx. 9 km. In spite of the considerable ascent and descent over such a short distance, this stage of the trail is regarded as one of the easiest. The view from the Basslerjoch to the Stubaier Main Ridge is second to none and is the highlight of this stage.

Starting from the hut, the trail remains almost entirely level until you reach the Kuhgschwetz. The ascent to the Schrimmennieder begins from here. The first steep climb takes you to the Platzenturm. This is followed by a downhill section leading to the upper Platzengrube, which you traverse all the way to the eastern edge. The winding trail quickly gains in height, followed by a long right-hand crossing to the Schrimmennieder. You should take some time and enjoy the view of the Stubai Main Ridge from the Basslerjoch.

From the Schrimmennieder, the trail winds down to the Querweg, which leads from the Milderaunalm to the Neue Regensburger Hut. Now follow this almost completely level path into the valley, where the hut should already be in sight.

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