Stage 6

Neue Regensburger Hut – Franz-Senn-Hut

Ascent/Descent:      ⬆ 470 Hm ⬇ 610 Hm
Time required: 4 hours
Length: 9 km
Lowest point: 2,103 m
Highest point: 2,706 m

The path from the hut the trail starts out level, leading out of the valley until you come to the turn-off to the Schrimmennieder. Following numerous bends, the trail now heads north up to the Schrimmennieder. In clear weather, it’s worth making a detour to the Basslerjoch (one of the finest views along the High Trail; ascent approx. 20 minutes).

From Schrimmennieder, the trail initially slopes gently downwards, then more steeply, zigzagging down towards the upper Platzengrube. After a short climb over rocks, the trail descends into the Kuhgschwetz, followed by a one-hour stretch with great views leading to the Franz Senn Hut.

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