Stage 4

Sulzenau Hut – Dresdner Hut

Ascent/Descent:      ⬆550 Hm  ⬇430 Hm
Time required: 3 hours
Length: 5 km
Lowest point: 2,194 m
Highest point: 2,682 m

The Stubai Wild Water and its source on the Sulzenauferner are the main attraction for this stage of the circular hike. You start by following the rushing stream in a southerly direction, until, at a height of approximately 2,400 m, it disappears into the glacial snout of the Sulzenauferner. Now head westwards towards the steep moraine and climb the last slope to the Peiljoch.  The view of the Zuckerhütl, the highest peak of the Stubai Alps, and the spectacular Sulzenauferner beckon you to stay and admire the landscape.

From Peiljoch, the trail starts out level but then descends steeply (secured by cables) to the Dresdner Hut. If the weather is dry, experienced hikers can climb to the summit of the Große Trögler, the most spectacular viewpoint on the Stubai Main Ridge. This stage takes 3-4 hours, depending on the route you choose.

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