Stage 2

Bremer Hut – Nürnberger Hut

Ascent/Descent:      ⬆ 490 Hm ⬇ 610 Hm
Time required: 4 hours
Length: 6 km
Lowest point: 2,229 m
Highest point: 2,741 m

The trail begins with a slight ascent alongside the Simmingferner. After about half an hour, it then continues onwards through steeper, rockier terrain to the Simmingjöchl (highest point 2,754 m). Once you reach the old ‘Zollhaus’, a spectacular panoramic view of the Stubai Alps awaits you.

This is followed by a long, winding descent, with some secured sections, leading to a glacial stream. From here, it’s only a short ascent until you reach the Nürnberger Hut. The last section is very level and should be easy to hike.

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