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The Stubai High Trail is a ‘black’ (i.e. difficult) mountain trail that runs exclusively through alpine and high alpine terrain. Some sections are secured with steel cables and supports. The trail is laid out in such a way that it does not touch or cross any glaciers, but especially at the start of the season, steep snow fields are to be expected. Always stay up to date on the current weather conditions and keep them in mind when you plan your hike. Don't forget that the weather in the mountains can turn bad very suddenly. Remember that an overly heavy rucksack can seriously affect your enjoyment of the hike and your sureness of foot, and can therefore become a safety risk.

Equipment check:

For a hike along the Stubai High Trail we recommend the following equipment:

  • maps
  • sturdy, ankle-high trekking or mountaineering boots
  • hiking clothes
  • bad weather clothing (rainwear, gloves, hat)
  • sun protection
  • mobile phone, water bottle, first-aid kit, torch
  • toiletries, indoor shoes, sleep sheet

Good to know:

  • Alpine Club membership recommended!
    We recommend joining the Alpine Club because of the insurance coverage provided and the accommodation discounts at the huts. You can sign up to become a member at the Alpine centre in Neustift and at any of the huts.
  • Cash payment at the huts
    Most of the huts do NOT accept electronic payment, so we recommend that you bring a sufficient amount of cash.
  • Walking times
    The indicated hiking times are only a rough guideline based on the time it would take an experienced mountaineer. Make sure to plan in sufficient extra time.


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