Christmas gift hunt - 19.12.2021

The Schlick 2000 Christmas Gift Hunt

How many Christmas gifts have we hidden in the skiing area?

The Christmas gift count gets underway on Saturday, 19.12.2021 in the Schlick 2000 Ski Centre. The Christmas angel and Father Christmas got together to hide gifts at lots of different places in our ski region Participants in the Sunday gift hunt will receive a special pre-Christmas surprise, and if they enter the correct number of hidden gifts, they can win family ski tickets for the Schlick 2000 Ski Centre.

How to take part:

  • Get your entry card in the ski region
  • Go skiing and count the Christmas gifts you see
  • Enter the number of Christmas gifts you find on the entry card
  • Hand in the entry card with the number of gifts you found and get your surprise at the valley station in the afternoon 
  • All participants having the correct number of gifts are eligible to win one of 5 family tickets in the final draw. 
  • The winners of the family ski tickets will be notified by mail in january 2022


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