Via ferrata Steingrubenkogel

Grandiose view at 2,633 m guaranteed


At 2,633 m above sea level, the Steingrubenkogel is the fourth highest peak of the Kalkkögel in the Stubai Alps. As a prominent cone south of the Hoadlsattel, it is easy to make out both by its shape and by the neighbouring Alpenklubscharte to the south.

On numerous ribbons, you wind your way around the towers via the south-west ridge up to the summit of the Steingrubenkogel. 
The ascent is either from the Kemater Alm or from the Schlickeralm to the Alpenklubscharte - many will also climb the Steingrubenkogel following the Schlicker Klettersteig (it is basically on the way and is only a short detour from the Scharte).

Times / Differences in altitude
Approach........ 2 hrs / 800 hm
Via ferrata....2 hrs. / 200 hm
Descent.........1,5 hrs. / 800 hm

Starting point
Schlickeralm, 1645 m

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