FRIDAY, 03.09.2021

09.00 am - 8.00 pm: collection of the starting documents in the race office
3.00 pm: children's races → more info
4.30 pm: charity run → more info
5.00 pm: Telfer Wiesenrun → more info
5.30 pm: prize-giving of the children's races and handing over of the check of the Zipfer-charity run
6.00 pm: opening ceremony at the pavillon with the marching band Telfes
7.00 pm: catering with Tyrolean delicacies in the communal hall
8.00 pm: prize-giving of the Telfer Wiesen Run
afterwards: enteretainment at the pavilion

SATURDAY, 04.09.2021

07.30 am: collection of the starting documents in the race office
10.00 am: open race (no championships!); men: youth, M20 and M30 / female: youth, F20 and F30
10.30 am: F / M 65-70-75 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
11.00 am: F / M 60 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
11.20 am: F / M 55 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
11.40 am: M 50 Start Telfes center/W 50 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
12.00 noon: M 45 Start Telfes center/W 45 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
12.20 pm: M 40 Start Telfes center/W 40 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"
12.40 pm: M 35 Start Telfes center/W 35 Start at the "Mittelstation Froneben"

from 3.00 pm: coffee and tea time at the pavilion
3.30 pm: Award Ceremony open racing (no championships!) at the pavilion

5.30 pm: Award Ceremony of the World Mastesr at the pavilion
7.00 pm: Closing ceremony
8.00 pm: Music with the band "Stubai Power" at the pavilion

Medals for every finisher.
World - championship - medal for the best three out of each age class (male/female).
The top three of each nation and age group (male / female) receive a World Cup medal in the team ranking.

SUNDAY, 05.09.2021

individual departure, good-bye to the Stubai Valley


Changes reserved!


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