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Stubai Super Card
2019 Edition

The Stubai Super Card is the highlight of your summer holiday in the Stubai Valley! With it, you can enjoy many services such as mountain railway rides, public transport, indoor swimming pools or the summer toboggan run in Mieders included. The new spot offers you a little taste of a wonderful summer holiday.


Schlickeralmlauf 2019

31st International Schlickeralm-Run / Tyrolean Mountain Running Championship 2019 - MOVIE
More information here: https://www.stubai.at/schlickeralmlauf/

Stubai Ultratrail 2019 - Official Aftermovie

Also in the third edition, the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL still presented the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Following the motto "urban2glacier" runners again had to run from the Olympic city of Innsbruck in the middle of Tyrol up to 3,150 meters above sea level on the Stubai Glacier within a day - from the city to eternal ice. In 2019, there were also new, highly scenic route elements, even more altitude and an additional distance! In addition to a scenically spectacular innovation of the route between Neustift and the Klaus Äuele Nature Park, there was an additional route to choose from! The STUBAI ULTRA TRAIL - URBAN2GLACIER is unique in the world. It connects the alpine-urban capital of the Alps Innsbruck with the magnificent mountain and glacier world of the Stubai Valley!

Stubai Summerclip 2019

Summer in the Stubai Valley ... fascinates you!

Stubai Ultratrail 2019
Official Aftermovie

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Folowing the motto "urban2glacier", it takes just one day to run from the Olympic city of Innsbruck in the middle of the Tyrol to the Stubai Glacier at 3,150 meters above sea level - from the city to eternal ice.

4th "Kaiserschmarren"-festival in Stubai 2018
With GUINESS WORLD RECORDS-title for the largest "Kaiserschmarren"

The chefs, who made the largest Kaiserschmarren in 2015 and won the first World Record for it, fired the huge pan once again and reconquered the GUINESS WORLD RECORDS-title for cooking the largest "Kaiserschmarren" in the world.

Schlickeralm Run 2018

234 top mountain runners and regular participants came to Telfes in the Stubai Valley to attend the anniversary event (30 years Schlickeralmlauf). The Schlickeralmlauf was at the same time the host of the Austrian Mountain Running Championship this year and was used by the German team for the qualification for the Mountain Running World Cup 2018. Winner Geoffrey Gikuni Ndungu from Kenya successfully defended his title from the previous year on the long-haul route.

The 31st Schlickeralmlauf will take place from 27.-28. July 2019 in Telfes in the Stubai Valley.

WildWater Trail Stubai movie with Heinz Zak
STUBAI ULTRATRAIL 2018 - Aftermovie

What a fabulous race with amazing times. Only twelve months after the first STUBAI ULTRATRAIL, which starts in the heart of the Olympic-City Innsbruck and ends on 3.137 m above sea level on the Stubai Glacier, the race already established itself as one of the most interesting Trailrunning-Events in Europe. The second edition ended with an outstanding triumph of the spanish worldclass Trailrunner Cristofer Clemente (Team Salomon), who managed to conquer the 63.1 kilometer and 5.075 altitude meters in 7:31:34 hours. As amazing as him Kristin Berglund from Sweden (Salomon Running Team Austria) won the race of the women.

STUBAI ULTRATRAIL 2018 - Official Aftermovie

The event’s motto, “urban2glacier”, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL. Starting in the Olympic city of Innsbruck, this race takes runners through the Stubai Valley and all the way up onto the Stubai Glacier at 3,150 metres above sea level – from the heart of the city into the alpine wilderness. In 2018 athletes were, for the first time, able to choose between three courses. As well as the 63.1km STUBAI ULTRATRAIL and the 28.7km STUBAI BASICTRAIL the organisers created a brand new option this year: the STUBAI GLACIERTRAIL. This short but steep climb started at the foot of the glacier and saw runners ascend 1,394 vertical metres on a course of just 8km.

STUBAI whole year round

My fascinating summer.
A magically white winter wonderland.
Seeing and feeling the genuine Tyrol.
Fantasy and adventure for young and old.
All this... and so much more!

Stubai Treehouse Trail

In order to discover the special feature of the STUBAI TReehouse Trail, the view is worth looking up. On the way, several tree houses invite you to play, climb, romp, discover and stay. Dwarf Bardin, who once struck

Schlickeralm Run 2017

The 29th edition of the Schlickeralmlauf on 30 July 2017 in Telfes in the Stubai Valley started cool and ended hot. Nearly 170 participants started in two distances.

STUBAI ULTRATRAIL 2017 - Official Aftermovie

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL was the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Under the motto "urban2glacier", participants ran within one day from the olympic city of Innsbruck in the midst of Tyrol up to 3


The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Following the slogan "urban2glacier", participants run from the the olympic city of Innsbruck all the way up to the Stubai Glacier

The Scenic Nature Sites of the Stubai Valley

The 25 scenic nature sites of the Stubaital do not always present themselves openly, but are occasionally hidden away.

STUBAI World Record "Kaiserschmarren"

Sweetworld recordcracked!In the Stubai Valley the largestKaiserschmarrn in <span

Rafting in the Stubai Valley

Whitewater Action on the wild Ruetz - just 15 minutes away from Innsbruck. Small groups, individual approach, top equipment, experienced guides - and lots of fun!

BIG Family Stubai
In the Stubai Valley your children will have a good laugh

So that the kids never run out of holiday ideas in the Stubai Valley, the BIG Family Stubai Summer Club provides loads of adventures.

The varied program for children aged four and for young people aged t

Hiking is the connoisseur's lust
My "Kaiserschmarrn"

Freshly baked farmhouse bread, savory bacon and cheese, fiery booze, steaming dumplings and tempting pancake - these are just some of the Stubai delicacies which to discover the enjoyment of hiking.

Schlickeralm Run 2016

At the third stop of the WMRA Mountainrunning World Cup Series, nearly 190 participants from 17 nations competed on Sunday, July 31st 2016, for the short distance to the Schlickeralm or the long distance to the finish li

Football-training of the french national team 2016

From May 31st to June 4th 2016 the french national team of football called "Les Bleus" prepared in the Stubai Valley for the foo

Schlickeralm Run 2015

In the 27th edition of the Schlickeralm Run in the Stubai Valley on July 25, 2015 141 participants from 14 nations took part in 20 age gr

Wild Water Trail

On the WildWaterTrail in the Stubai Valley with its unique alpine scenes, the natural phenomenon of water can be experienced on three stag

Stubai Super Card

The Stubai Super Card is the highlight of your summer in the Stubai Valley! Enjoy loads of benefits with the card, such as free transports with the mountain railways, free usage of the public transport or a run with

Stubai Valley Summer Events

Discover summer anew and experience the multifaceted nature of the Stubai Valley: it makes no difference whether alone, with friends or with the whole family, events in the themes of sport, family pleasure, fairytales, music and fun promise enjoyment,

Seven Summits Stubai: #1 Zuckerhütl
The demure one

It is not without reason that the highest mountain in the Stubai Alps has the name it does. If you look at the summit from the east, you will understand why it is called Zuckerhütl (German term for sugarloaf), a brave pyramidal peak, like a sugarloaf

Seven Summits Stubai: #2 Wilder Freiger
The formidable one

Simply stop and look up at this monolith. From the lake Grünau, which is close to the Sulzenau Hut, you can see the Wilder Freiger (to the north) posing in front of you – as beautiful to look at as his italian name “Cima Libera” sounds. In the back pa

Seven Summits Stubai: #3 Habicht
The distinctive one

This peak proves that one can be powerful even without being the biggest. When it comes down to the mere facts, the Habicht with its 3,277 meters a.s.l. has to line up behind its colleagues Zuckerhütl and Wilder Freiger, however the Habicht is an equa

Seven Summits Stubai: #4 Rinnenspitze
The enticing one

Small effort – big reward. This slogan fits the Rinnenspitze, which is centrally located in the Oberberg valley. There are not many 3,000-meter high peaks, which can claim that they are easy. It is this easy 3,000 meter

Seven Summits Stubai: #5 Serles
The dominating one

Above all mountains rules a king. Actually, the ruler of the Tyrolean mountains is a queen, who reigns with her mighty scepter the world of summits from the Stubai Alps all the way to the city of Innsbruck. Among these

Seven Summits Stubai: #6 Hoher Burgstall
The convincing one

Of average height and beautiful shape – this description may fit to several mountains in the Stubai Alps. However, with this summit, it is the plainness that surprises. At the Hoher Burgstall many a mountaineer may not

Seven Summits Stubai: #7 Elfer
The shy one

Posing for the cameras and nevertheless not attracting too much attention. Every day at 11 am the sun lights up its back to present it in the spotlight, as seen from Neustift, however some of its glory is hidden shortly thereafter. You must hike up th