The Story of GAIA - Stubai Mother Earth

The storyline

GAIA - Stubai Mother Earth by Enrique Gasa Valga is told in eleven acts.

The multimedia ski and dance performance starts with the destruction and enslavement of mankind. An inhuman, fascistic, technocratic regime aims to exploit humans, animals and the natural world to maximise profits, draining off all their energy. Every aspect of life is controlled. Naturalness, empathy and love are forbidden. Everything is controlled and under strict surveillance. Anyone unwilling or incapable of doing his part in the terrible industrial machine is removed from society, with no mercy shown. Only two people dare to offer resistance, having a child born of pure love, before the couple are discovered and the father killed. Divine intervention by „GAIA / Mother Earth“ allows the woman to escape with her child from this cold, barren community. The mother raises her son as the resistance leader and future saviour in the Stubai valley, the last natural safe haven on Earth. The beacon of hope gains steadily in strength, in harmony with the natural elements of the Stubai valley. With the power and support given to him by „GAIA / Mother Earth“, he rises up to wage a last battle against the system ...

The Production

The multimedia ski and dance performance, with stunning visuals and music, is the ultimate outdoor entertainment. The natural, unspoilt surroundings of the Stubai valley provide the perfect backdrop. Majestic mountain scenery, bathed in a mystical light, melts into the snow-covered ski slope, transformed into a glittering stage for an international team of dancers, skiers and artists. Complex 3D animation allied with choreographed skiing and atmospheric music underscore the expressiveness of the dancing. Modern and classical elements blend, recounting the tale of GAIA.