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Artists and Cast

Enrique Gasa Valga


Born in Innsbruck, Langer’s first experience of rock music was in his earliest childhood when he heard the Rolling Stones and since then, it has been his passion and a driving force in his life. He studied history, art history and political sciences, and after successful projects in concert and event organisation, founded „Soulshine - International Artist & Promotion Services“ in 1998. Operating globally as a music agent, for more than 20 years now he has been organising concerts, tours, initiating and booking many large-scale events and festivals at home and abroad. Langer has worked with many artists, including Alanis Morissette, Anastacia, Lenny Kravitz, & Xavier Naidoo. Jürgen has been a close friend and advisor to Enrique Gasa Valga for many years.


Jan Bohl was born in Fuldau and has worked in event engineering throughout Europe for more than 18 years. In 2014, Bohl, now resident in the Tyrol, founded B&G PROMOTION GmbH with his longtime friend and business partner Richard Gros. Their team are „TECHNICIANS for light, dark, loud, soft“. They have expertise, are highly committed and dedicated to quality and have a whole lot of professional creativity, guaranteeing smooth-running procedures at events of any scale. Another strength is their cross-industry networking and their capacity to be involved in every stage of the project - from beginning to end.


After studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in his home town of Stuttgart, and stage design with Prof. Jürgen Rose, Lauckner worked for the Munich Kammerspiele, Mannheim National Theatre, the Karlsruhe State Theatre, the Freiburg Theatre and the Münster Municipal Theatres. Since 1996, this successful stage designer has been head of stage design at the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre. Working with Enrique Gasa Valga, his portfolio of stage designs and costumes includes „Faust“, „Dante. Inferno“, „Strawinski.3D“ and „Gefährliche Liebschaften“.

Andrea Kuprian

A native of Innsbruck, Andrea studied fashion and clothing design in Vienna, and took part in master classes held by Prof. Schavernoch in Graz. She is a stage and costume designer working on film productions and at theatres in Austria and abroad. She has already collaborated successfully with Enrique Gasa Valga on numerous productions, including "Peer Gynt", "Frida Kahlo" - Pasión por la vida" or "Strawinsky.3D". "Charlie Chaplin", a dance performance for which she designed the stage sets and costumes, was recently awarded the Austrian Musical Theatre prize for best ballet production.

Atzgerei Productions

Atzgerei Productions is the film institute of the Vienna Art and Design Collective Atzgerei, founded in 2005. Die Atzgerei produces films, and provides a wide range of services in the areas of graphic design, illustration, web design as well as for photography. They use both analogue and digital technology for this. Atzgerei creates the stage sets for the annual Life Ball in the Vienna Burgtheater, and also realises elaborate film shooting sessions for cinema, TV and free productions. "3D Mapping" techniques create interactive stage sets: During the show, video animation reacts to the dancers' movements.

Albert Serradó

Albert Serradó Escriu was born in Barcelona and studied at the Catalonian University for Cinematography and Audiovisual Media. After graduating, Serradó made video clips, commercials, documentaries and one feature film. His documentary "Món Petit" received several awards, including the Gaudi, the Catalonian Film Award.

Peter Kollreider

Around half of the music performed in the show was composed by Peter Kollreider specifically for GAIA – Stubai Mother Earth. His passion for storytelling with sounds becomes tangible as the performance progresses. His musical contribution to „Peer Gynt“ at the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre demonstrates that for him, there is no clear distinction between musical styles. Electronic sounds are mixed with atmospheric and orchestral notes. Kollreider is a composer and the owner of hoeragentur. His activities include composing for dance, theatre and the moving image.


Susanne Langbein is from Coburg, a national prizewinner of „Youth Makes Music“, and a former scholarship holder of the Richard Wagner Foundation and the Johann Strauß Society. She completed her studies at the FRANZ LISZT Music College in Weimar. She has made guest appearances at venues including Erfurt, Bad Lauchstädt, Nordhausen, Denmark, Thailand and Switzerland, and has been a member of the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre since the 2010/11 season. She has already recorded several CDs for works composed especially for her by various Tyrolean artists.


The coloratura soprano began musical training at the age of eight. In 2010, she began studying singing in Düsseldorf under the tutorship of Sophia Bart and Prof. KS Jeanne Piland, receiving a German scholarship for highly talented students in 2012 and 2016. Sophia was a finalist at the International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition 2016 in Cape Town and is currently in the final rounds of the´s-Hertogenbosch International Vocal Competition (IVC). Sophia Theodorides has been an established member of the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre since the 2016/17 season.


Filip Veverka was born in Brno, Czech Republic, and trained at the Dance Conservatory in the city. He was a soloist at the Prague National Theatre for seven years. Numerous engagements followed, including the Tulsa Ballet in Oklahoma, the German Opera on the Rhine, the Stockholm Royal Ballet and various theatres in the Czech Republic and Germany. He has a 12-strong international company for GAIA – Stubai Mother Earth, from Italy, Albania, Brazil and the Czech Republic.


Frederica Valla is a dancer and dance instructor from Italy. She trained at the Teatro Nuovo at the Adriana Cava Jazz ballet in Turin, at the ARB´s Princeton Ballet School in New Jersey /USA, at the Singapore Dance Theatre and at Tanzwerk 101 in Zürich. Frederica studied singing, dance and acting in the musical master class at the MDM Academy in Milan. Valla most recently worked as a ballet and jazz dance teacher for the Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre in Singapore and was a member and soloist in the TUI Cruises Company - Mein Schiff 1.


Paolo Giglio was born in Sicily and studied classical and contemporary dance at the Scala and at the Carcano Theatre in Milan, receiving instruction from dance teacher Claudia Monticone, amongst others. From 2008 onwards he danced at the École Rudra Béjart in works including Bolero or Le Concours by Maurice Béjart and joined the Béjart Ballet in Lausanne in 2010. Since Gasa Valga engaged Giglio as a solo dancer at the Tyrolean Provincial Theatre, he has been resident in Innsbruck. Giglio has performed in Seoul, at the Lausanne Opera and at other venues, founding the Open Movement dance company in 2016.