Excursion destinations in the Stubai Valley

The Stubai Valley, an idyllic Alpine valley in Tyrol, offers numerous fascinating attractions and experiences for nature lovers and adventurers. From breathtaking sunrises and picturesque mountain lakes to charming villages, traditional events and impressive natural spectacles - there is something for everyone to discover here. Experience your highlight in the Stubaital and be enchanted by the beauty and diversity of this alpine region.

Sunrise in the Stubai Valley

A sunrise in the Stubai Valley is an unforgettable experience. The first rays of sunshine climbing over the peaks of the Stubai Alps bathe the landscape in a golden light. Popular sunrise hikes are to the Serles, or to the StubaiBlick viewing platform in the Schlick2000 , offering perfect conditions to enjoy this natural spectacle. Early risers are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama that shows the beauty of the Stubaital in all its glory.

Stubaier Bergseen

The Stubai mountain lakes are a true paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Crystal-clear waters such as the Blaue Lacke, the Mutterberger See or the Grünausee are true gems. The idyllic lakes, surrounded by impressive mountain scenery, not only offer wonderful refreshment, but also unforgettable photo opportunities. A hike to the mountain lakes is a must for every visitor to the Stubaital.

Typical Tyrolean events in the Stubai Valley

The Stubai Valley is known for its typical Tyrolean events that attract visitors all year round. From the Almabtrieb in autumn, when the decorated cows return to the valley, to the traditional Advent markets in winter - the Stubai Valley offers a variety of events that keep regional culture and tradition alive. Musical performances, traditional costume festivals and culinary specialties round off the experience.


The WildWaterPath is one of the most spectacular hikes in the Stubai Valley. The trail leads along rushing mountain streams and past impressive waterfalls, including the Grawa waterfall. The well-built footbridges and bridges repeatedly offer breathtaking views of the wild waters of the Stubaital. The trail is divided into several stages and offers hikers of all levels of difficulty an unforgettable nature experience.


The Europe Bridge is an impressive structure, the centerpiece of the Brenner freeway from Austria to Italy. At a height of 190 meters, it is one of the highest bridges in Europe. From the viewing platform you have a breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The Europa Bridge is not only an engineering masterpiece, but also a popular destination for bungee jumping enthusiasts.

5 villages - one valley

The Stubaital can be seen from its entrance to the end on the highest peaks of its main ridge like few other valleys. The five villages of the valley, Schönberg, Mieders, Telfes, Fulpmes and Neustift, appear to be clustered around their church towers.
The Stubaital with its 5 communities presents itself as warm and original. Even today you can still feel the tradition of farming in the villages of the valley.

Traditional houses and church

The traditional houses and the parish church of Neustift are a living testimony to Tyrolean architecture. The colorfully painted facades and detailed woodwork reflect the craftsmanship of the region. The parish church, a baroque jewel, impresses with its magnificent interior and is a popular place for visitors who want to explore the cultural roots of the Stubaital.

Blaue Lacke

The Blue pond is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Stubai Valley. Surrounded by a spectacular mountain landscape, the water glows an intense blue. A hiking trail leads you through picturesque alpine meadows and past rushing streams to the Blaue Lacke. This place is ideal for a break and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

Grawa Wasserfall

The Grawa waterfall is an impressive natural spectacle in the Stubai Valley. With a width of 85 meters, it is the widest waterfall in the Eastern Alps. A well-developed hiking trail leads you directly to the viewing platform, from where you can experience the thundering water up close. The Grawa waterfall is a highlight for hikers and nature lovers and offers numerous photo opportunities.

Adventure Park Fulpmes

The Adventure Park Fulpmes is a paradise for adventure seekers and families. The high ropes course offers numerous courses in various levels of difficulty and is perfect for climbing enthusiasts of all ages. In addition to the climbing park, there is also an adventure playground and a restaurant. The Adventure Park Fulpmes is an ideal destination for an exciting day out in the Stubai Valley.

There is lots going on in the Stubai

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