Stubaipark Schlick 2000

The Skigebiet Schlick 2000 skiing region is an insider's tip for snowboarders and freestylers.

he superbly designed fun park on the slopes of the Sennjoch, the Schlick Stubai Park with its kickers and rails, dares you to make fantastic jumps and tricky rides. The Kalkögel mountain range is the perfect backdrop here for your next video of the best jumps and most creative tricks.

The Free Nature Park in natural surroundings next to the head-of-the-valley downhill run offers a varied terrain for adults and children. A ride through the "Nature Halfpipe" and over the snowy hillocks is not just fun but also trains balance and coordination.

Stubaipark Schlick 2000

The Stubai Park Schlick 2000 at the Sennjoch slope was designed under the expert guidance of Stubai scenic riders and inspires with perfectly shaped obstacles.

Schlick 2000
Tschaffinis Umgebung 26
6166 Fulpmes
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