Winter hiking in Telfes

The sun-drenched village of Telfes offers beautiful winter hikes through beautiful landscapes. Wide, snow-covered fields and forests covered deep in snow are waiting to be discovered. Stomp through the deep snow and feel the crunch under your shoes. From Telfes there is a wide, comfortable forest path leading to Telfer Wiesen. Hike through the romantic winter forest past numerous larch trees. On the way you will reach the natural site of "Telfer Wiesen", which invites you to linger and soak up the sun on its spacious decking. Stop off at the Stockerhof or Gasthaus Kirchbrücke for a warming refreshment.

Telfer Wiesen

Start / Goal: Kapfers parking area
Length: 6 - 9.2 km (entire circuit)
Walking time: 2 - 2.5 hrs

Starting from the car park in the Kapfers district of Telfes, a wide and level forest trail leads towards Telfes fields.

Length: 9.2 km (entire circuit)
Dauer: approx. 2.5 hrs

Starting from the car park in the Kapfers district of Telfes, a wide and level forest trail leads towards Telfes fields. This attractive trail passes lots of larches and after 15 minutes you reach the Telfes Wiesen beauty spot. With its large reclining platform and shady trees this is an ideal place to linger. After a further half an hour you reach a road junction, where the right-hand fork will take you towards Kirchbrücke restaurant. The path slopes downwards along the stream past the Gallhof and Wiesenhof. After the Wiesenhof you turn right, cross the Ruetzbach and follow the trail towards the Kirchbrücke restaurant. After a two-hour walk, you arrive at the Kirchbrücke restaurant, an inviting place to take a break. The trail ascends towards Telfes. After about 30 minutes you're back at your starting point.

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Length: 6 km (entire circuit)
Dauer: approx. 2 hrs

The hike starts at Kirchbrücke restaurant, over flat terrain proceeding straight ahead, past the Wiesenhof to the Gallhof settlement. In this place, time has stood still and the idyllic valley, which once served as a film location, has remained untouched by the hectic pace of modern life. Leaving the Wiesenhof behind, the journey continues upwards to the Gallhof: On the way there, pass by the Raetia cave, discovered in 1977 by children playing. The finds discovered there are part of a spring sanctuary dating from  the La Tène period between the 5th to 3th century B.C. Should you be interested: The items are kept in the State Museum. Behind the Gallhof, looking towards the Patscherkofel and the magnificent Ruetz gorge, turn left up to the Telfes fields. Going past larch forests, a wide forest path takes you towards Telfes where you have a marvellous view in the direction of the glacier. In Telfes, a path goes down through the village, ending around 2.5 hours later at the Kirchbrücke restaurant, where you can rest and sample the delicious trout!

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