1 Neustift Valley trail - Doadler Alm

Technique: Skating & Classic
Difficulty: low/medium
Distance: 13,7 km
Difference in Altitude: 262 m
Start / Finish: School campus (Kampl) / Doadler Alm
Parking: Lake Kampl, Zegger (Neder) car park, Freizeitzentrum (Neustift Dorf), Skialm (Krössbach), Klaus Äuele (Falbeson), Doadler Alm (Falbeson)
Rest Points: Sportalm, Ski Alm, Marend Stüberl, Doadler Alm

At the Rastbichlhof Hotel in Kampl, the cross-country trail merges with the Neustift network of cross-country trails and leads to Neder, then through the underpass to the Forster Hotel, from where you follow the trail to the Elferbahnen Valley Station in Neustift. After a slight ascent, the route then leads via Lehner (difference in altitude approx. 30 m), descending to the Leisure Centre. From the Leisure Centre in Neustift, the valley trail steadily ascends through the villages of Milders, Krössbach, Gasteig, and Volderau until you reach the end of the trail at Falbeson. Falbeson’s Au offers an extensive network of trails with several loops and cross-country bridges, from where you can return to the starting point.


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