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Valley trail Fulpmes

Level of difficulty: easy - intermediate
Length: 9 km
Altitude difference: 75 m

Access to the valley trail is by the Tirolerhof inn on the outskirts of Fulpmes village. The trail runs on the right hand side of the stream as far as Medraz. At the halfway stage you can cross the bridge, then take a left along the stream. There are two slight uphill sections before you reach Kampl. Continue on to Neustift. More challenging is the Himmelreich trail: turn right before the Medraz bridge, go 100 m to the access point,  two slight uphill sections across the beautiful Himmelreich fields, then a third uphill section to the Omesberg bridge. The route then descends gently to the Rastbichlhof, where you cross the bridge to rejoin the valley trail.