Parish church of Fupmes

Saint Vitus church

The parish church of the holy Vitus was built in 1746/47 by Franz de Paula Penz in the style of rococo.

The fresco in the gables on the outside facade, showing the church patron, is the work of the Augsburg academy professor Johann Georg Bergmüller.

He also created the innside ceiling pictures, that adorn the church as main ornament with their rococo stucco work. The sculptures on the high altar and the high altar leaf display the holy church patron Vitus surrounded with 14 helpers in need.

Kirche in Fulpmes
Altar Pfarrkirche Fulpmes
Aussenansicht Pfarrkirche Fulpmes
Aussenansicht Pfarrkirche Fulpmes
Kirchturm Fulpmes

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