Stage 3: Sulzenau Hütte - Sulzenauferner (glacier)

Walking time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Altitude gain: 400m
Distance: approx. 3km

The mountain scenery from Sulzenau hut to the foot of Sulzenauferner is like a glacier theme trail shaped by nature. There are not many places in the Alps, where one can see the many different forms a glacier shaped landscape can take on such a short stretch: After a short walk one already gets to the “Blaue Lacke” moraine lake. Then the path follows the gently rising valley bottom past sandy outwash plains and across colourful, polished glacial abrasions, always close to the roaring glacier brook. At the end of WildeWasserWeg Trail are the continuously growing glacier lake and the mouth of Sulzenau glacier with its many little runlets and glacial mills. From there one enjoys an awesome view of numerous little waterfalls, the jagged towers of the ice fall of Sulzenauferner, which tower high above, and on the very top the snow-covered summit of the Zuckerhütl, the highest mountain of the Stubai Alps


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