Ten Lakes

Dreamlike Mountain Lakes

One of the most romantic landscapes of the Alps! A unique picture-book lake district is located at the foot of the mighty Wilder Freiger. The crystal-clear water of the lakes mirrors the surroundings. The lakes are spots of tranquillity and meditation. An energy source. Spots to relax and unwind. To get calm. You will want to dive into the mirrors in which sky and earth merge. The lakes are especially enchanting in the early morning hours, when they are still in the shade and Wilder Freiger mountain already glows in the sun.
To find all of the lakes Norbert Schöpf (host of Sulzenauhütte) offers a special service: He rents out GPS-devices that list all important information for getting to the lakes easily. Especially children enjoy looking for them.

Lake Hike from Sulzenauhütte

Start: Grawa Alm (1,520m)
Starting point for the lake hike: Sulzenauhütte (2,191m)
Difficulty: depends on the number of lakes you want to visit; from easy to intermediate
Walking time: varies; minimum duration: 1 hour; If you want to visit all of the lakes it will take you at least 3-4 hours.
Altitude gain: 300m to get to the first lakes; 600m to the upper lakes
Rest stops: Sulzenauhütte


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