Mutterberger See Lake

Emerald Green Gem

Mutterberger See lake is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of the eastern Alps. The most important triumvirate of the Stubai Alps - Wilder Freiger, Wilder Pfaff and Zuckerhütl – mirrors in the emerald green water of the deep mountain lake. The lake is in an idyllic location, embedded in an upland cirque.  At the shore of the lake grass planes invite to lie down and enjoy a long break. If you are lucky you can observe playing marmots on the rock boulders and grass slopes above the lake. An onlooker that keeps dropping in and takes advantage of inattention on the side of the marmots is the golden eagle, which often roams the area looking for prey.

Dresdner Hütte – Egesennieder – Wilde Grube – Mutterberger See

Start: Stubaier Gletscherbahnen mid-station (2,290m) / Dresdner Hütte (2,308m)
Finish: Mutterberger See lake (2,480m)
Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 2 hours 30 minutes (to Mutterberger See), 1 hour 40 minutes (descent)
Altitude gain: 500m Altitude loss: 1,000m

From the Stubaier Gletscherbahnen mid-station the trail leads past Dresdner Hütte (2,308m) to the Egesennieder pass (2,506m). A brief detour on the nearby Egesengrat summit (2,635m) offers fantastic views of the nearby summits of the main Alpine ridge.
After the descent into Wilde Grube you cross the ridge of Glamergrube almost horizontally before climbing some steep serpentines to get to the flat bottom in which Mutterberger See nestles.     On the descent in north-eastern direction you pass another two lakes that lie hidden in a depression. The larger one is sectionally petered out and at its edges an upland moor – a unique biotope - has formed. On your way down you pass several small mountain brooks that are on their way down to the valley too. Small waterfalls are everywhere and they fill the valley basin of Daunlehner with a pleasant swooshing.


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