Maria Waldrast

Healing Water

Already in 1407 building works for the Maria Waldrast monastery started near Waldrasterjoch saddle. A legend has it that shepherd boys discovered an effigy of the Virgin Mary in a trunk of a larch tree. In the 16th century a spring which is said to have healing qualities was tapped near the monastery. Since 1996 it has been possible to drink the high energy water of the spring from the Marienbrunnen fountain in front of the church.  Many are convinced of the healing properties of this water – often people queue up to fill the plastic containers they’ve brought along to bring the precious water back home.

There are different possibilities to get to Maria Waldrast from the Stubai Valley. The shortest and family-friendliest route leads along a forestry trail on flat terrain that starts at the Serlesbahnen top terminal.
Kappelenweg Trail from Mieders and Talerweg Trail from Medraz are hikes of a longer duration. Along both trails are several chapels with worthwhile paintings. In autumn the hike from Gleins past Eulenweisen and Gleinser Mähder is especially worthwhile.

Serlesbahnen – Maria Waldrast

Start: Serlesbahnen top terminal (1605m)
Finish:  Maria Waldrast (1,641m)
Difficulty: easy, flat forestry trail
Walking time: 1 hour.
Altitude gain: 139m
Altitude loss: 110m
Rest stops: Gasthof Koppeneck, Jausenstation Ochsenhütte, Klostergasthof Maria Waldrast

Download GPX Track Serlesbahnen - Maria Waldrast

Kapellenweg Trail

Start: Mieders (952m)
Finish: Maria Waldrast (1,641m)
Difficulty: intermediate, good trail
Walking time: 3 hours
Altitude gain: 700m
Altitude loss: 110m
Rest stops: same as above
Alternative: ascent or descent resp. via Wassertal Valley

Download GPX Track Kapellenweg Trail

Talerweg Trail

Start: Medraz (980m)
Finish: Maria Waldrast (1,641m)
Difficulty: intermediate, good trail
Walking time: 3 hours
Altitude gain: 740m
Altitude loss: 110m                                                                              
Rest stops: Gasthof Sonnenstein and as listed above

Download GPX Track Talerweg Trail


Start: Gleins (1,420m)
Finish: Maria Waldrast (1,641m)
Difficulty: intermediate, bad signposting
Walking time: 3 hours
Altitude gain: 635m
Altitude loss: 420m                                                                              
Rest stops: Gasthof Gleinserhof, parking possible!

Download GPX Track Eulenwiesen


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