Spectacular Gorge

The 40m-long, narrow rock gorge at Alpeiner Bach brook near Franz-Senn-Hütte is referred to as “Höllenrachen” (hell’s gap). The roaring water disappears in the gap, flows underground through a 5m-8m-deep gorge and after approx. 40m it resurfaces. There is a via ferrata to cross the gorge. Only a few metres above the thundering water, the elemental force of which you can experience close-by here, the path snakes its way into the dark Höllenrachen gorge. Walking into it is an incredible experience, even if the trail is very short. But hikers too get a good impression of the gorge.


Start: Oberissalm (1,725m)
Finish: Höllenrachen (2,175m)
Difficulty: via ferrata, intermediate
Walking time: 2 hours
Rest stops: Oberissalm, Alpeinalm, Franz-Senn-Hütte

To Höllenrachen gorge in 20 minutes. A hardly visible path leads across sectionally rocky terrain to the edge of the gorge. Watch out: very slippery terrain in wet conditions. It takes approx. 10 minutes to conquer the via ferrata.


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