Grawa Waterfall

Nature Spectacle

Grawa waterfall is the most impressive of the waterfalls of the Stubai Valley. It is the widest waterfall of the Eastern Alps and a natural monument – no number of superlatives can do justice to the wild beauty of this waterfall. With changing water levels Grawa waterfall changes its appearance decisively.  In late autumn there is only a mere trickle in the right section. In early summer, when the snow is melting, and especially after heavy rainfalls the waterfall covers a wide area. Observe and experience the step-like cascades, the water mist and gushes of water topped by white spray. The view changes continuously: If the position of the sun is appropriately silver strands glisten in the light, the spray resembles shining diamonds and colourful rainbows form above the wafting mist. This light symphony is accompanied by a refreshing swooshing or thundering - depending on how close we are to the respective drops. Visitors get a fantastic first impression already from wooden bridge of the hiking trail. You will miss quite an experience if you just take a look at the waterfall from the glacier road!

You can get to the waterfall in a hike of less than 15 minutes by taking the footpath from the parking spots directly above Grawa Alm hut, which is located at the glacier road. Pass the terrace of the serviced hut and continue for a couple of metres to the bridge across Ruetz brook. Continue through a meadow, hike into the forest briefly – then you can already feel and hear the waterfall. What an elemental force! The water spray is often carried to the little bridge. At the right-hand side (orthographically to the left) two platforms that make it possible to experience the waterfall close-by have been built in the last years.  Grawa waterfall is a must for anyone coming to the Stubai Valley.

Hike to the foot of the Waterfall

Grawa Obervatorium

Start: Grawa Alm (1,520m)
Difficulty: very easy
Walking time: 15 minutes


 15 minutes more in which you conquer 70m of altitude gain to arrive at the first Viewingplatform and another 15 minutes and 70 m of altitude to the 2nd platform.

Grawa Wasserfall - breitester Wasserfall der Ostalpen.

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