Falbesonfall and Hohes Moos

Susceptible Upland Moor

The area around Neue Regensburger Hütte is a perfect spot for a water hike. Below the hut Falbesonbach brook drops down a steep rock face in two tiers, right next to the hut is a small lake and behind the hut begins the Hohe Moos upland moor. Picturesque meanders criss-cross the flat moor ground. In the summer the meadows are white with bog cotton.

Falbeson – Ochsenalm – Neue Regensburger Hütte

Start: Waldcafe near Falbeson (1,200m)
Finish: Neue Regensburger Hütte (2,286m)
Difficulty: easy but exhausting
Walking time: 3 Std.
Altitude gain: 1,080m
Rest stops: Falbesoner Ochsenalm, Neue Regensburger Hütte

After a longer stretch through the steep mountain forest the drive road makes its way into the romantic Falbeson Valley. At the beginning is the picture-book-like Ochsenalm hut.  This view alone is worth the hike. A good trail continues towards Neue Regensburger Hütte, which can be seen from far since it is set on a rock edge beside the waterfall. Views of the almost 200m-high tiers of Falbesonfall can be enjoyed all along. A small path (signpost) leads from the main trail horizontally to a spot between the two tiers. Watch out: Don’t get too close to the waterfall – extreme danger of falling rocks! After the fantastic hike along the upland moor you enjoy the awesome view from the hut’s terrace.


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