Langental and Bsuchalm

Rivulets and Brooks Criss-Cross the Landscape

The entrance of Langental Valley is hidden. Above a wooded ridge a flat ground that is enclosed by jagged rock faces to both sides opens up unexpectedly. First you see several small rivulets to the left, get to Bsuchalm hut in a relaxed way and can enjoy a good view of the thundering Urfall waterfall, which drops from a narrow gorge.

Then the hike leads along the gently rising drive way or along the hiking trail, which leads through a dense coniferous forest at the beginning. Having conquered the escarpment, you follow the flat trail to Bsuchalm hut. If you want to continue your hike to Nürnberger Hütte you follow the steep, narrow trail that leads uphill in many small serpentines. The small moorlands and the brook in a basin below Innere Wetterspitze summit, which is located at an altitude of 2,420m, are special features of this area. The Stubai locals refer to this place as paradise. The small glacier lake near the Aperen Feuerstein glacier is also worthwhile.

There is lots going on in the Stubai

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