Waterfalls are health-boosting

Staying at the waterfalls along WildeWasserWeg Trail is health-promoting. Waterfalls create atomized aerosol and predominantly negatively-charged ions in the area where the water hits the rocks. These micro particles are so small that they can deeply enter and cleanse the lungs. The upper respiratory tracts is expanded and diseases of the lungs can be prevented or healed, including common diseases like asthma, allergies, stress or burnout.

Examinations of the private Paracelsus University Salzburg have shown that the different Stubai waterfalls have different medical effects. Grawa waterfall is marked by a high concentration of nano-aerosols and a small aerosol size. Already a stay of one hour near Grawa waterfall cleanses the upper respiratory tract and improves the breathing quality significantly.

Sulzenau waterfall has an exceptionally high aerosol and ion concentration – even in sunny areas where visitors can stay dry for a longer time. In combination with the climb up there it is a perfect destination for boosting the cardiopulmonary system.


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