Stubai Tree House Trail

A great treasure hunt between the ground of the forest and the tips of the trees

The Stubai valley in Tyrol is another attraction and a great destination for a day trip with the entire family. The new tree house trail between the central station of the Schlick 2000 and the Alpine hut Vergör is ideal for hiking with kids. The trail is easy, suitable for prams and can be managed in around one hour. On the way there are plenty of places to rest and play. There are even three refreshment options covering the trail: the Fronebenalm hut, the Bruggeralm hut and the snack bar Vergör.

To find out what makes the STUBAI tree house trail special, it’s worth taking a look up, as along the way several tree houses invite visitors to play, climb, have fun, make discoveries and relax. The dwarf Bardin, who once mined precious metals with his friends in the Stubai Alps, has chosen this part of the forest to rest and set up home. As the last remaining one of his kind, he looks after the animals and plants in the forest. However, Bardin looks forward to having visitors above all else. Especially for them he’s prepared lots of slides, ropes, crawl tunnels and places to play.

The tree houses symbolise the individual parts of the dwarf’s dwelling: Bardin searched for, and found, the most beautiful and grandest trees in the forest for the dwarf playing ground, the dwarf treasure chamber, the dwarf kitchen, the dwarf bedroom and the dwarf workshop. He found many of the building materials right there and with a loving attention to detail made them into a large, close-to-nature and sustainable play and experience trail, which is a beautiful destination for a family trip in Tirol.

If you like you can also search for Bardin’s treasure. At the entrance to the tree house trail there are “treasure cards” next to the welcome sign. Bardin has hidden a particular symbol in each tree house. At the end of the hike the children can exchange their cards for a small reward at the Fronebenalm hut, the Bruggeralm hut, the snack bar Vergör or at the Schlick 2000 valley station. An unforgettable experience for the entire family and a playful journey back to the past of construction in the mountain of the Stubai valley!

Baumhaus Zwergenspielplatz in der Schlick2000

Dwarf Playground

Here, zip lines, suspended bridges, netted tunnels and much more invite visitors to come and play. The regular tavern of the old and wise dwarf can be...

Baumhaus Zwergenschatzkammer in der Schlick2000

Dwarf Treasure Chamber

Slides, double swings and suspended bridges are available here for playing and exercise, while a dwarf telephone and a group of dwarves are there to...

Baumhaus Zwergenküche in der Schlick2000

Dwarf Kitchen

The items are transported from the ground of the forest into the tree house using sophisticated methods. Teamwork needed!

Baumhaus Zwergenschlafzimmer in der Schlick2000

Dwarf Bedroom

The tree house rocks Bardin the dwarf into a deep sleep like a large swing. After climbing up the stairs you can relax inside.

Baumhaus Zwergenwerkstatt in der Schlick2000

Dwarf Workshop

As everyone knows, dwarves are skilled at making things, and are always looking for new ideas. The creativity of both young and old visitors is needed...

Frontansicht Baumhaus bei Schlick 2000 im Stubaital
Baumhausweg Schlick 2000 im Stubaital
Nahaufnahme Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Aufnahme Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Nahaufnahme Themenweg Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Baumhütte bei Themenweg Baumhausweg
Impression Themenweg Baumhausweg
Themenweg Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Kind auf Rutsche bei Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Kind beim Spielen bei Baumhausweg im Stubaital
Kind beim Spielen bei Baumhaus im Themenweg
Kinder sitzen bei Baumhaus im Stubaital
Innenansicht Baumhaus bei Schlick 2000 im Stubaital