A step-by-step journey through contemporary history

The rhythm of time takes on a whole new dimension on this threestage themed trail. There are terminals and display boards dotted along the three sections of the Geh-Zeiten-Weg trail which are dedicated to various units of time, ranging from the ticking of a second and the seasons of the year to the earth’s development stages. The start of the Geh-Zeiten-Weg is thereby quite easy to reach using the Elfer lift. The circular hiking trail takes you over the ‘Sonnenzeit’ and ‘Blütezeit’ routes. The ‘Steinzeit’ route begins at the intersection of the three themed trails and extends right into the Pinnistal valley, with spectacular views along the way. The Elfer hut,
Karalm and Panorama restaurant Elfer are all possible places to stop off along the three Geh-Zeiten-Weg trails and open a new window of time: that of the rest period.


Start and finishing points: Elfer summit station (1,794 m)
Destination: Geh-Zeiten-Wege (two options)
Walking time: 1 ½ to 4 hours
Difference in altitude: up to 400 m
Rest points: Panorama restaurant Elfer (1,780 m), Elfer hut (2,080 m), Karalm (1,773 m)

Elfer lifts valley station car park in Neustift.

You reach the start of the ‘Sonnenzeit’ route by walking from the Elfer lifts summit station via the sundial. This route leads you into the hills through a magical larch forest and via mountain pine fields. Along the way, you will find manoeuvrable installations made from natural materials that are dedicated to the different units of time. After passing the quaint Kochhütte mountain hut, the Sonnenzeit trail ultimately leads to the intersection of the three ‘Geh-Zeiten-Wege’ trails. From there, you can either walk along the ‘Blütezeit’ trail towards the summit station or via the ‘Steinzeit’ route leading to the Karalm in the Pinnistal valley. The ‘Blütezeit’ trail is centred around the alpine flora’s own lifecycle. Information boards are used to provide clearly illustrated answers to questions relating to flowers, plants and trees. The ‘Steinzeit’ trail, on the other hand, is the longest of the three Geh-Zeiten-Wege trails. It begins at the three-way intersection and is situated within the geological zones of the
Elfer - amidst the impressive mountain scenery of the wild, romantic Pinnistal valley. The slow but continual changes within this mountain landscape can be read directly from the rock and provide an indication of the age of the ground. A shuttle bus takes hikers back to the valley from the Karalm or alternatively you can follow the same path back to the Elfer summit station. At the aforementioned intersection of all three paths, instead of walking directly to the summit station, you can also continue along the ‘Blütezeit’ trail via the Elfer hut.

Sonnenuhr am Gehzeitenweg im Stubaital in Tirol
Wandern auf wunderschönen Themenwegen im Stubaital | Gehzeitenweg
Gehzeitenweg am Elfer | Sommerurlaub im Stubaital
Gehzeitenweg am Elfer im Stubaital | Aktivurlaub in Tirol
Spieltafel am Gehzeitenweg im Stubaital
Infotafel am Gehzeitenweg im Stubaital
Gehzeitenweg mit herrlichem Panorama ins Stubaital
Almhütte am Gehzeitenweg im Stubaital | Wanderurlaub in Tirol

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