Summer programme 4+

Supervised children's programme from 27.06. - 09.09.2022

(Free childcare if you live in a BIG Family partner home)

In matching age groups, children starting from 4 experience the best of nature and adventure in their holidays in the Stubaital on a daily basis.

The Stubaital is home to the lovable BIG Family - a family consisting of magical creatures. The family members live colourfully scattered throughout the valley - in the treetops, by the rushing streams, on the mountain peaks or in the green valleys. If you look very closely, you might even discover one of them. If you find biscuit crumbs on the ground, B.Fast can't be far away, because biscuits are his favourite food! So set off through the Stubaital, discover new things and experience exciting adventures!

One, two or three, are you part of our day of activity?
Many exciting games await you at Kampler See, which promise lots of fun.
In the afternoon, when you have made your own crown, Rudi Rucksack will ring in the popcorn finale. Let the games begin!

Who pulls the shortest branch on the forest course? Who will find the right track after the Ästemikado? Who hits the throwing cup with the spruce cones? Who will make the funniest friend for the Fichtenliesl?
Be there - a small reward is waiting for you!

The herb man Kasimir lives on the Doadleralm and knows everything about herbs. How do I attack nettles without it burning or how do I build a tricky herb tower that doesn't fall over and who is brave enough and tastes the green magic potion? Come on adventurer, face the challenge!

Families - Evening Programme: Mystical hike by torchlight around lake Kampler See

We meet at Lake Kampler, where each child will have the opportunity to make their own lanterns.

As soon as it gets dark, we walk to a particularly beautiful place. There, you’ll be captivated by a legend from the Stubai Valley.
Meeting point: 8:30 p.m.

Seppi is a woodpecker who lives in the Fichtenliesl tribe. When suddenly a terrible storm arises, it whirls him like a feather through the Helleboch Forest. Where could he be? The Fichtenliesl is very worried and alerts all forest dwellers. Where is he hiding?

Farm visit with pony rides - Fulpmes
BIG Family handicraft workshop – Klaus Äuele

In the mornings, everything at the Grubenhof in Fulpmes revolves around pony riding and the petting zoo.
In the afternoon we go to the BIG Family handicraft workshop.
Herbal soaps, key rings or mobiles you have created yourself are nice souvenirs to take home. To strengthen yourself, you can enjoy a homemade green magic potion. Mmh, tastes good!

The weather's not playing along?

But we do, because we don't let rain take away the joy of playing. To not get wet in case of bad weather, the BIG Family supervisors have many great alternatives indoors: handicrafts and much more awaits you!

Day ticket for children who do NOT live in a BIG Family partner company: € 25,- excl. additional costs.

** Subject to changes

Fichtenliesl is looking for Seppi

At first, Fichtenliesl was not very happy about her new roommate. He was constantly knocking on her bark. The fact that her trunk was damaged in the process was one thing. But the constant noise. The steady hammering really bothered Fichtenliesl. She was already an old lady and she appreciated the peace and quiet in the forest. Until he came - he, the woodpecker. "His name was Seppi," he said with a mischievous grin. And he was cheeky. Because he simply stayed - without asking. He listened to the creaking branches and the whispering of the spruce tree. He felt safe here and built his cave - in the middle of the spruce.

There is lots going on in the Stubai

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