BIG Family Summer 2022

Fichtenliesl is looking for Seppi - her spotted woodpecker

Summer Club from 27 June to 09 September 2022 and Autumn Programme from 03 to 04 November 2022

At first, Fichtenliesl was not very happy about her new roommate. He was constantly knocking on her bark. The fact that her trunk was damaged in the process was one thing. But the constant noise. The steady hammering really bothered Fichtenliesl. She was already an old lady and she appreciated the peace and quiet in the forest. Until he came - he, the woodpecker. "His name was Seppi," he said with a mischievous grin. And he was cheeky. Because he simply stayed - without asking. He listened to the creaking branches and the whispering of the spruce tree. He felt safe here and built his cave - in the middle of the spruce.

There is lots going on in the Stubai

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