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BIG Family Stubai summer programme 4+

Hen Hanna

... wants to go to the alpine pasture. In a small village in a beautiful mountain valley in Tyrol, Hen Hanna lives on a farm with her friends, cow Karoline, horse Paul-Gaul and sheep Olli ...

Programme from 25.06. - 07.09.2018

In matching age groups, children starting from 4 experience the best of nature and adventure in their holidays in the Stubaital on a daily basis.

Water, Natur, Games & Fun at the Serlesbahnen

Spend a riveting day with entertaining water games and an exciting wild animal quiz!
Evening programme 8:30 p.m.
Head out on an adventurous torchlight hike by Kamplersee Lake and be enthralled by our fire-eater.

Tree house detective day

Spend a day as a forest detective and solve tricky tasks in the tree house treasure hunt. Afterwards, we’ll all work together to build a fast-paced woodland ball circuit from anything we can find in our surroundings.

Visit to a farm and Pony Riding

The ponies Moritz, Leyla and Striezel and all the other farm animals are already looking forward to your visit. Who wants to go for a ride? We’ll also be spending a fun afternoon with arts and crafts and a yummy sausage barbecue.

Spectacular forest adventure with Rudi Rucksack

One-two-three, Rudi Rucksack come to me! You haven’t met the whimsical forest sprite yet? Then be there when the cheeky chap conjures up all kinds of fun and silliness! The show ends with a bang – an explosive popcorn finale.

Wild Waterways and a handmade raft

Build your own raft and watch it buoyantly float along the small waves in the water. If you take a close look, you’ll be sure to discover jewels and many other watery treasures!

Day ticket for children who don´t stay at a BIG Family partner: € 25,- excl additional costs.

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