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BIG Family Stubai 10+ Summer programme

BIG Family Summer Club for Kids starting from 10

Joining the programme is possible only after advance registration on the day before the event by 4.00 pm at the latest. Advance registration via tel. +43 (0) 664 3913406

Programme from 26.06. - 08.09.2017

Tandem trial flight & forest run day

Morning:    You’ll take off for a daring trial flight with a tandem pilot, and in recognition of your bravery, you’ll be awarded a flight diploma once you land.
PRICE:    € 22.00
Afternoon:    You’ll learn to build a slingshot, find your bearings with a handmade compass and construct entire forest dwellings using special knot techniques.

Aim for the treetops in Tyrol’s largest Adventure Park

Watch out, you’ll need to keep your head as you venture out on 13 varied and challenging courses through the treetops. Can you make it to the highest level?
PRICE:    € 15.00
NIGHT ACTIVE: Exciting evening with overnight stay in Klaus Äuele with geocaching, barbecue and a night hike.
IMPORTANT: At least 5 participants, please bring your own food.

Wild Water Fun

In the morning, get ready for wet and wild fun kayaking, playing kayak polo and stand-up paddling. Things speed up in the afternoon when we head out for a rafting tour on the Inn River.
IMPORTANT:    At least 5 participants. Don’t forget your swimwear and a towel.
PRICE:    € 40.00 incl. Lunch

Summer Toboggan run, Geocaching, archery & Bike Academy

At breakneck speed, we’ll lean into the curves and race down the summer toboggan run. Haven’t had enough yet? Then head back up for round two! Then aim straight for the bull’s-eye in our archery challenge. On the geocaching tour, you’ll learn how Morse code works.
PRICE:    € 7.00
In the afternoon, you can perfect your braking and balance technique on the bike. You’ll have to overcome jumps, tree trunk obstacles, humpback bridges and much more.
PRICE:    € 15.00 incl. bike

Rock-Climbing & Flying Fox

First you’ll climb the rocks to a dizzying height. Once you arrive at the top, you won’t just be rewarded with a spectacular view, but also with a high-speed ride back to the ground on the flying fox.
IMPORTANT:    At least 5 participants
PRICE:    € 15.00           

Don’t forget to bring your own lunch and always a few euros, to be on the safe side. You never know…

Please bring along the terms of conditions signed by your parents, you can find them in your accommodation.

Day ticket for children who don´t stay at a BIG Family partner: € 25,- excl additional costs.

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