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Klaus Äuele Kids’ Park

The Klaus Äuele WildeWasserSpielplatz allows you to consciously experience the forces of nature. The Kingdom of the Riverside Walkers, designed to match a dried river bank, welcomes you here.

Discover the “Spiral of Theodorus” with climbing walls.
Balancing and hanging in the jungle of ropes, on the moving trunk or in the low wire garden with natural stones and, of course, with high-quality robinia and oak woods.
Train you skills on the moving band, the balancing rope and the double swing.
Enjoy the view on the “Nest of the Riverside Walkers” platform.
Chill out and relax on the lawn near the water.

Many new attractions await you at the water world of Klaus Äuele’s Kids Park: flying fox over water, a raft to explore the pond, a balancing and climbing parcours, a water playground with water wheel, etc.