Educational Via Ferrata Kreuzjoch A to D

A small „Alpine-Adventure-Park“ in the area „Kreuzjoch has been built to revival the cable-car business and for educational purpose.

A small “Alpine-Adventure park” in the area “Kreuzjoch” has been built to revival the cable-car business and for educational purpose, in there also has been built this short educational-via ferrata. Ideal for practice, introductory, and for fun – always having a beautiful panorama in front of you!

Difficulty: Easy to very difficult (up to variant)

Best season: June – October

Times/difference of height:
Access .............. 15 min./ 70 Hm
Via ferrata ........ 20-35min. / 80 Hm
Descent ............ 35 min./ 150 Hm
Total time ......... 1,5 h

Exposition: north-east

Via ferrata set, helmet, mountain boots, safety-rope for children and inexperienced

Valley/ Information, Base: Please see at “Schlicker Klettersteig”

Starting point: mountain station “Kreuzjoch” of the cable-car “Schlick 2000” (cable-car Kreuzjochbahn)

Arrival: Please see at “Schlicker Klettersteig”

15 min. from mountain station “Kreuzjoch” short way towards “Starkenburger Hütte”, then follow the path (educational path) on your left-hand side to signpost “Panorama-Klettersteig” and to the start of the first belays

Along the belays (A/B) to the first tower of the ridge (B, back down), further on to 2nd ridge buildup (C). There are following two variants (“Flying Fox” doesn’t belong to the Fixed Rope Route!): On your left-hand side a little easier (C/D), on your right-hand side a steep upswing (D/E; can be avoided). From the last ridge-tower downwards into a meadow-saddle. There the belays of the exercise-Fixed-rope-route end and the “Panorama-Klettersteig”  (which is not a fixed-rope-route any more as there are no belays available from here!) leads along the ridge into Sennjoch.

35 min. from Sennjoch north-east below the ridge following the walking path back to Kreuzjoch



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