Elferkofel B to C

Very worthy and impressive crossing in some parts “dolomite-like” rock-scenery

Ambitious via ferrata hikers ideally connect the „Elferkofel-via ferrata“ with the “Nordwand-via ferrata” on the Elferturm.

The securities are mainly of brackets and spikes, whereby an adequate security is only given by rope team association. Until Elferkofel summit there are several by-pass possibilities. Surefootedness and basic climbing experience (also for descent) are essential. Partly exposed, but wonderful ridge climbing.

Difficulty: Degree of difficulty B, C, some passages 1+ and 2-

Dangers: hardly steel rope safety, exposed at danger of thunderstorm

Best season: June – October

Duration / Difference of height:
Access ................... 1,5 h / 600 Hm
Fixed rope route .... 1,5 h / 100 Hm (1,5 km)
Descent ................. 1,5 h / 540 Hm

Exposition: South-west to South-east

Equipment: Via ferrata set, helmet, mountain boots or climbing boots, safety rope for youths, children and inexperienced is essential!

Valley / Info, starting point, base: Please see “Nordwand via ferrata”

Arrival: Please see “Nordwand via ferrata”

1,5 h; the same as “Nordwand via ferrata” to Elfer hut; towards south to Elferkofel further on to ridge height in south-west direction, last part in territory with rough blocks (short securities, A) to a gorge at the east-side of Elfertürme (Elfer saddle). Shortly after signpost (on left-side diverts a by-pass passage to Zwölfernieder saddle). The securities start at a small material cot (signpost-wall).

1,5 h; the most comfortable and beautiful way back leads at the east-side along the “panorama-way” to Elfer hut. For “collectors of summits” the ascent of the nearby “Zwölferspitze” (230 Hm, partly 1+) is worth to hike.

Topo Elferkofel



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