Klettergarten Urfallspitze

Since 2009 can be climbed on the east front of the Urfallspitze.

In the climbing garden, which was constructed by the members of the Alpine youth club of Nürnberg,  steep slab climbing changes with V-clefts. The routes are well-secured and they are also suitable for beginners. At the moment eight joyable routes go through the various gneiss with its quartz crystals. 

Access: From Nürnberger hut towards Wilder Freiger, the path leads directly to the entries of the climbing garden.

Walking time approx. 25 min.

Danger: At wet conditions very slithery! Beside the routes and on the grass there are loose rocks.

1.  Projekt
2.  Urknallspitze L1 5-6 2008
     L2 Projekt
3. Guudsala L1 ca. 5
    L2 Projekt
4. Brodzeitbladdn ca. 5 - Route length just over 30m!
5. Schnärpfala-Ged.-Weg ca. 5-6
6. Notlaufprogramm ca. 6
7. Ice Edge ca. 6-7
8. NN ca. 5

The information of the degree of difficulty are routh estimates at the moment. Please you’re your feedback about the degree of difficulty to [email protected].

Last update: March 2010


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