Monastery Maria Waldrast

The Maria Waldrast monastery is located at the transition from the Stubai Valley to the Wipp Valley. Shepherds often stopped here for a rest, which gave this place its name "Waldrast". The place of pilgrimage is one of the highest monasteries in Europe and a place of power and therefore a very popular destination for excursions, which is easily accessible all year round from the Koppeneck mountain station of the Serles cable cars. Maria Waldrast has an eventful history. According to legend, in 1407 two shepherd boys found an image of the Virgin Mary embedded in a tree trunk. A chapel was then built in the clearing where the image was found. The church stands there today. The first pilgrimage took place in 1429, when the Mother of God was brought back to the mountain. In 1621, construction began on the Servite monastery. Over the years, the monastery was abolished twice. In 1945, the Fathers returned and with them the image of Mary, so that the monastery is still actively run today.

Healing water

Already in the 16th century, a spring was tapped at the Maria Waldrast monastery, which was said to have a healing effect.

Chapel path Mieders

Hike along the rosary chapels from the village square in Mieders to the pilgrimage site Maria Waldrast